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Hey tea sipping bookworms, I have another herbal tea to share with you! Just like the Dandelion Root Tea that I reviewed last week, this tea was made by Buddha's Herbs. A representative from Buddha's Herbs reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try their tea and review it. I agreed but also asked for additional boxes of tea for you!

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Raspberry Tea from Buddha's Herbs is a dark herbal tea, in fact, it is darker in hue than some black teas that I have brewed. (example: Darjeeling Risheehat by The Cultured Cup)


The raspberry fruit is not infused in this tea; therefore it does not smell like raspberries. The raspberry leaf is the only ingredient in this tea lending an herb-y, fresh, earth-y and a mixed steamed vegetable scent.


(w/out honey) Raspberry Tea from Buddha's Herbs tastes like clean vegetable juice. I almost taste fennel notes! When sipped bare, Raspberry Tea makes me think of the Fennel Spice Tea from Numi Organics that I used to create Fennel Spice Tea Rice. Raspberry Tea by Buddha's Herbs does not have the kick of the spices though.

(w/ honey) The honey accentuates the vegetable notes in the tea and becomes very hearty like a light meal. With honey, Raspberry Tea reminds me of yet another tea that I have introduced here on Tea End Blog: Genmaicha Green Tea from The Tao of Tea.


Watch Annabell from The Arog Blog

turn Genmaicha Green Tea with Toasted Rice

into a Spring Outfit!

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Raspberry Tea has been shown to assist with the female system. Raspberry Tea can help in reducing premenstrual and menstrual symptoms and I remember that my sister, when she was pregnant, drank Raspberry Tea to facilitate child birth.

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Thank you for joining me in my family room for the Tea Review! Speaking of my family room, I am in the process of redecorating it and adding more color (as you can tell by the pictures, I really like neutrals). You can check out my decorating process under Inspirations: Yellow. For The Family Room.

And until next time, keep sipping happily ever after!

What tea would you like for me to review next?

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