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As a self-proclaimed #teaaddict I am not ashamed to say that I try to inculcate tea in all aspects of my life. Cooking with tea is the next best thing besides sipping the beverage itself. In my home kitchen, I fixed up a rice so aromatic and delicious Joël (my husband) could not believe that the main ingredient was, you guessed it, tea!

Check out this Recipe made with Numi Organics Savory Tea - Fennel Spice to learn how to make this fast and easy (as well as savory and delicious) Fennel Spice Tea Rice. The Recipe is all my own and perfect for tea sipping bookworms looking to add a little more tea in their lives...


Note: This recipe is best with an Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker

  • 1.5 cups Basmati or Jasmine Rice (Basmati Rice used in images)

  • Numi Organics Savory Tea - 2 Fennel Spice Tea Bags

  • 1 teaspoon Honey

  • 1 Bay Leaf

  • Salt (to taste)

  • Thyme (just a pinch)

  • 2 tablespoons Olive Oil


Step 1: Bring water in tea kettle to a boil

Step 2: Wash off rice to remove starch, usually 2-4 rinses will suffice

Step 3: Now that water is to a boil, steep tea bags for 10 minutes. After 5 minutes, add honey

Step 4: Place rice in rice cooker, pour tea on top of rice and drop the bay leaf in. Close rice cooker and begin cooking rice.

Step 5: Once rice is cooked, transfer it into a serving bowl. Add salt to taste, drizzle with olive oil and garnish with thyme

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy!

When the rice cooker is cooking Fennel Spice Tea Rice, the entire space is filled with the warm and savory aroma. It is a pleasant smell that lingers (which can't be said for all recipes) and wets any appetite!

Numi Organics Savory Teas are quite tasty and serve as great alternatives for vegetarians or vegans who want to cook with a savory broth but obviously want to avoid meat products such as chicken or beef stock.

For example, Fennel Spice is quite hearty containing: organic fennel, organic celery root, organic orange peel, organic onion, organic dill, organic decaf green tea, organic honey bush and organic black pepper.

Numi Organics Savory Tea comes in many delicious flavors! Among Fennel Spice, there's Carrot Curry, Beet Cabbage, Broccoli Cilantro, Tomato Mint and Spinach Chive. So many different recipes come to mind! Savory Soup perhaps?

I hope you and your family enjoy this tea Recipe made with Numi Organics Savory Tea - Fennel Spice because Joël and I definitely had our full! Make sure you stay tuned to Tea End Blog for more Recipes made with tea.

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Which rice do you like to cook with?

Basmati, Jasmine or Other?

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