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Buddha's Herbs reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to taste some of their tea for free and perform a review on it. I said...you had me at free tea. I also asked for a few additional boxes so that I could share free tea with you! Make sure you are a subscriber to be entered to win. This blend of dandelion root, burdock root and lemon balm makes for a delightful sip! Click play to see my honest review of Dandelion Root Tea from Buddha's Herbs.


Dandelion Root Tea looks like any herbal tea you'd find in your tea cabinet. It reminds me of Chamomile, except it is a bit more vibrant in its yellow tones.


Dandelions are bright yellow flowers that sprout from a common plant that grows in Texas, in fact, most consider it a bothersome weed and don't know of its health benefits and how great the roots taste in tea! Burdock is a plant that sprouts bright violet flowers that actually look very similar to dandelions. The essences of these flowers are not detected in this tea because it is the roots that are blended. The tea has a very earthy, root-y and natural scent with hints of artichoke.


Dandelion Root Tea from Buddha's Herbs tastes just as it smells! The sip is very natural and clean as if you are tasting the earth's essence itself. Towards the end of the sip you can taste hints of artichoke. Artichoke isn't infused in this tea but Burdock Root is actually part of the Artichoke family, hence the taste.


Dandelion Root Tea does wonders for your hair, skin and nails! It also has been linked to a healthy digestive system and helping the body cleanse itself.

Be sure to subscribe to Tea End Blog.com! I am giving away a full box of Dandelion Root Tea from Buddha's Herbs and only subscribers will be eligible to win! (Give-Away valid through 06.05.2016)

What type of tea do you want me to review next?

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