All About Pu'er

I had the wonderful opportunity to sip and to learn about some of the most delicious Pu'er tea available in the United States from Nicholas Lozito, founder of Misty Peak Teas. I thought I would share this experience with you in a 4 part article entitled, All About Pu'er.

In this article, you will be introduced to Nicholas Lozito himself and he will explain what exactly is Pu'er and how you can steep and serve this tasty tea. You will also see my interview with Lozito and have access to our behind the scenes conversation about why we love Pu'er. The article will conclude with a Tea Review comparing Autumn and Spring harvested Pu'er from Misty Peak Teas. Enjoy!



Nicholas Lozito, founder of Misty Peak Teas

Nicholas Lozito is a humble American native that loves tea and reading, just like us tea sipping bookworms! He also so happens to be the founder of Misty Peak Teas, a Pu'er green tea producing company founded in the States in 2011. When on a life journey, Nicholas lived in Yunnan Province, China and helped the local farmers cultivate Pu'er green tea. It was there that he compared other Pu'er teas and realized that there was something unique and special about the Pu'er tea that his farm grew. Nicholas began sharing the tea for free with family and friends and when he received inquiries for more he thought perhaps he had found something worth sharing on a larger scale.

Since 2011, Misty Peak Teas has made waves throughout the tea world being rated #1 Pu'er tea online out of over 5,000 Pu'er teas in 2014. The tea is now available in over 410 select shops in the North American, European, Asian and South American regions.

Nicholas is always willing to share Pu'er tea knowledge or even a cup of tea with any of his tea friends. In this article, I hope you are able to see a little of his fun and humble personality as well as learn a lot about the wonderful tea that is Pu'er.


What's In This Post?

Questionnaire: What Is Pu'er?

Blogview: How To Steep & Serve Pu'er?

Interview: Nicholas Lozito, Founder of Misty Peak Teas

Tea Review: Misty Peak Teas Green Pu'er - Autumn & Spring 2015


What Is Pu'er?

This may seem like a silly question! However, it may be the very question that you ask yourself after hearing the name Pu'er. I always call tea liquid contradiction because it is so simple but yet so intricate and detailed. Pu'er is simply green tea but it is also much more than that. In the questionnaire below, Nicholas Lozito answers 9 important questions explaining what exactly is Pu'er.


1. What is Pu’er

Pu'er is the world’s first cultivated tea, over 2,000 years ago. It comes from the large leaf variety of Camellia Sinensis in Yunnan, China and is one of the classifications of tea--along with green, black, red, white, oolong.

Pu’er also has its own sub-classifications. These sub categories are Raw (Sheng Pu'er), Ripe (Shou Pu'er), or Aged Raw (Lao Sheng Pu'er) and are known to come in many compressed forms such as discs or bricks.

The tea has gained a tremendous amount of publicity because of its many health benefits including weight loss, the lowering of blood pressure, digestion regulation, amongst others.

2. What is