Read It and Just Wait a-Lisle...

Interviewing Janet Taylor Lisle

(left: Gabie - Tea End Blog | right: Janet Taylor Lisle)

When I was about 7 years old I read a book that allowed me to maintain my innocence and imagination while simultaneously giving me a peek into a world that I was not yet old enough to comprehend. Fast forward approximately 20 years later and here I am, interviewing Janet Taylor Lisle, author of “Afternoon of the Elves", the book that enlightened me as a child and when read years later, ameliorated my appreciation for humanity as an adult.

In the interview below, you will discover Lisle’s writing style and advice to other writers, her intent behind the masterpiece that is "Afternoon of the Elves", and why she is not surprised that I was intrigued by this book as a kid, and decided to just wait a-Lisle to read it later.