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A Little Gratitude For Our Beautiful Planet


Earth Day | Earth Gives Us Tea and Other Things...

Friday (April 22, 2016) was Earth Day! A day when people concentrate on the environment and how to ameliorate the over-all health of our planet. I remember being in grade school and commemorating this day as a child; there was always dramatics surrounding it and in the end people really didn’t have a actual concept of what Earth Day represents or what they should do to celebrate it. “Let’s plant a tree” or “Let’s start a garden” were the themes. Now that I am an adult I understand that Earth Day isn’t so much about vegetation but more so appreciation.

In this post, I discuss 5 really practical and basic ways that you can commemorate Earth Day just by showing your appreciation for our beautiful planet. These “down to earth” ideas will help you see that Earth Day isn’t really just a day, but it is a constant active thankfulness for the beautiful home we call earth.


#1. Drink More Tea

Earth Day | Drink More Tea

“Tea is a divine herb.” – Xu Guangqui. I agree 100%! Tea is an amazing plant that transmutes peace and order in every sip. There is absolutely no problem that cannot be soothed with a cup of tea. Our spectacular planet gives us the herb (camellia sinensis) that allows us to make a comforting beverage that washes our cares and stresses away. To show our appreciation, we should definitely drink more tea!

Earth Day | Drink More Tea | Cape Town Rooibos by The Tao of Tea

Cape Town Rooibos by The Tao of Tea


#2. Meditate On Creation

Earth Day | Meditate On Creation

You may think it pointless to meditate on creation. “Shouldn’t I focus on saving endangered species or donating to a charity that prevents poachers from killing elephants for their ivory?” Well, how do you think these efforts got their start? When you meditate on creation, you begin to appreciate the small and large ways that earth lends to the quality of your life. You will feel moved to come up with a cause that suits you and comes natural to you. Meditating on creation is a way that you can appreciate Earth Day in a practical way that inevitably will lead to positive change.

Earth Day | Meditate On Creation

#3. Nurture House Plants

Earth Day | Nurture House Plants

I would absolutely love to grow all kinds of plants and vegetables in a perfect green house, however, I do not have the time. In fact, if you are anything like me…you know, a normal person living in 2016, then you don’t have time either to plant a tree or grow your own food. Well, who said you have to?

Showing appreciation for our planet and its many varieties of vegetation can be as simple as nurturing a house plant. Why not replace the vase on your tea table for a low maintenance (and I say "low maintenance" because if you're anything like me, your thumb is far from being green) house plant? Or perhaps instead of a statue or figurine in the corner of a room, what about a tall plant? In this way, you can show gratitude for earth while still keeping the design of your décor.

Earth Day | Nurture House Plants

#4. Be More Knowledgeable

Earth Day | Be More Knowledgeable

The more you know about our planet, the more you are likely to show appreciation in positive and up-building actions, not just on Earth Day, but every day. If you know how the hydro-logical cycle (water cycle) works to provide us good ole H2O then you may be more conscious of how you use your water or perhaps more appreciative when it rains…ok, maybe not on your picnic. Or perhaps if you are more aware of how trees provide fresh air for us to breathe, your appreciation may grow for plants and trees in your home or around your neighborhood.

Reading up on our planet or surfing the web about our green home can help you be more appreciative of planet earth in your day to day life.

Earth Day | Be More Knowledgeable


#5. Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse

Earth Day | Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse

Another basic way to show appreciation for our planet is by being conscious of our waste. Before you throw away a jar, can you reuse it for the preservatives that you were planning to make for a friend? Or perhaps the bags that were left over from your grocery shopping, could you re-purpose them as trash bags? Most cities and states now mandate that not only a trash bin be provided to residential homes but also that a recycle bin be provided. Could you take a moment to see how you and your family could better use the recycle bin?

I’m not asking you to become a hoarder, but there are many uses for the items that we use on a daily basis. Watching our consumption and waste can be another practical way that we show appreciation for our planet.

Earth Day | Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse

I’m sure you could think of many more practical ways to show appreciation for our planet. Earth Day is much appreciated but let us keep in mind that earth is beautiful and should be appreciated every day and you don’t have to save the world to show your appreciation. In small ways we all can do our part!


What practical ways do you show

appreciation for our planet?

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