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Yellow. For the Family Room. Part 3


Yellow. For the Family Room. Part 3.

I really should be further along with the decoration of my family room but at least I have made some head-way. The true inspiration (the color yellow) is well rooted and I have been looking for accent pieces and fabrics to compliment it. Take a look at some of my work!


In the article entitled, Yellow. For the Family Room. I showed you the Sunny ottoman that really embodies the inspirational color. I love how this ottoman sits up off the wood floors in my Family Room. It looks really nice in the space. The couch in the photo (above) is a “fill in” until the sofa that I am having reupholstered is ready. I can’t wait until it is finished so I can really see how it looks in the space!

LexMod Engage Fabric Ottoman, Sunny

I have been searching for bold prints and usually I would stray away from dark colors but I am wanting to embrace them for the Family Room. I found this black printed fabric at a local fabric store and I wonder if I should use it to make a pillow that will sit on the white leather sofa. What do you think? Is this fabric too dark?

Misty Peak Teas Green Pu'erh, Loose-Leaf

Do you actually remember this couch? The fabric is loud and outdated. I am having this couch reupholstered with genuine white cow hide (leather). The shape and design of the couch will then be rightfully complimented.

LexMod Engage Fabric Ottoman, Sunny

The Ottoman in Sunny is so bright and embodies Spring! The surface is big enough to place a large tray. After all, my feet and my tea need somewhere to rest.

Metropolitan Shakespeare English Breakfast Tea | Statford-Upon-Avon

Hopefully my tea will continue to give me inspiration as I transform my Family Room into a welcoming space. The final reveal of the redecoration will come soon so make sure that you subscribe today!


Do you like decorating?

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