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Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons

Are you looking for a no-expense trip to Thailand? You can get close to it with the tea that I am reviewing today! All the flavors of Thai cuisine meet in a delicious green tea blend by Harney & Sons. Sipping Green Tea with Coconut is so delightful! Click play to see my honest review of this tea!



THE HUE: Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons

The color of this tea is quite true to the hue of most green teas that I have sipped. I do believe that the color maybe clouded a little by all of the ingredients added such as the lemongrass, the coconut and vanilla. None the less, the color is vibrant and stimulating!



THE SCENT: Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons

I enjoy smelling this tea so much that I really thought about implementing it in other parts of my life. Did someone say Green Tea with Coconut Moisturizer? Or perhaps a Green Tea with Coconut Candle?

THE SCENT: Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons


THE SIP: Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons

I love when tea descriptions are accurate. This tea, although it does not taste the way it is described on the tea tin, it does taste the way it smells at least. Initially, there’s a kick of ginger trailed closely behind by the coconut and vanilla which seem to be paired and then the lemongrass compliments the end of the sip. Adding honey actually made the tea taste the way that the tea tin describes; first came the coconut with vanilla, then the ginger concluding with the lemongrass.



THE EFFECT: Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons

This tea makes me want to skip about in this spring weather and definitely puts me in the mood for Thai food! By the way, if you're ever in Dallas check out Thai Star. It's a really good Thai Cuisine Restaurant and the ambiance is great!

Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons | Thai Cuisine

THE TEA TIN: Green Tea with Coconut | Harney & Sons

SIDE NOTE: We are not supposed to judge books by their covers, but I certainly hope it’s OK to judge tea by their tea tins! Green Tea with Coconut by Harney & Sons is absolutely delicious and the tea tin is beautiful! The pink is oh so lovely and it is ornately laced with royal blue.

These tea tins serve as beautiful re-purposed vases! In an article entitled "Les Fleurs du Bien" (also available in English), I created flower arrangements using this very tea tin. Check it out!


Do you judge tea by their tea tins?

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