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I really cannot believe that I am just now telling you about this cute little children’s bookstore that I discovered in August 2015 in travels to Decatur Square in Atlanta, GA. Little Shop of Stories stole my heart, which is where my inner child resides. You all who follow Tea End Blog know just how much I adore children’s books and how much I advocate adults to read them on a regular basis. Allow me to give you a little tour of this little shop for the little versions of adults!

The book store had plenty of browsing space! It was fairly large and the high ceilings made you feel that the possibilities of imagination were endless! I loved the concrete floors also and the hodge-podge but organized way that the books were displayed.

My family and friends were so excited bouncing through the aisles and came to realize that the vibrant and exhilarating colors in the shop were the cause! A perfect place to take the energetic little ones to get them enthusiastic about reading.

What made the book shop even cooler (besides all the great books) was the penny path that we found towards the rear of the shop. Such a unique design to have in a book shop, but we loved it!

Little Shop of Stories is located in Decatur Square which is sort of like an outdoor shopping mall. There are plenty of places to eat around and other shops to visit. You may even be able to get your tea (or coffee, we tea sipping bookworms don’t judge…openly) fix in the Starbucks right next to the shop.

I loved this little library and all of the imagination found between the pages of the children's books! Truly a cute Book Nook to visit when in Atlanta, GA.

Little Shop of Stories | 133 E Court Square # A, Decatur, GA 30030 | Hours: Mon.-Thur. 10AM-8PM, Fri. & Sat. 10AM-9PM | 404-373-6300

Do you like to read children's books?

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