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A Cup For Me, A Cup For You


NOTE: This article was published January 8, 2015 but updated March 23, 2016. Some parts of this article may reference either date.

Tea End Blog |  Series: Inspirations

Only 3 days ago we said good-bye to winter and I already have Spring Fever. Although Autumn is my favorite season, I have come to appreciate Spring also for its energetic arrival and promise of outdoor activities and kisses from the sun!

This Spring and Summer I would like to be more active and have decided that a bike would be both a good way to exercise and eventful. There’s a particular bike that I have in mind, but of course, just like everything that I like…it’s really expensive! I am saving my pennies to buy it before Spring passes us by but until then I will remain inspired by both Spring and this new found desire to fly away on wheels. Take a little time to read the short poem that I wrote in my inspiration!


A Cup For Me, A Cup For You

by Gabie from Tea End Blog


A Cup of Tea For You

A Cup of Tea For Me

So That We May Skip and Sip Gleefully

Through The Jasmine Fields

Through The Holly Groves

Take Me To The Alfalfa Bush

Where The Little Blue Sparrow Goes

Grab A Handful of All

and In Our Basket Put Them Nice and Tall

For We Have Plans To Make

A Cup of Tea for you, Me and Us All

So Back Onto Our Bikes We Scurry

To The Cottage With So Much Laughter

Oh What Delight There Is My Friend

To Be Able To Sip Happily Ever After...

Tea End

My Dream Bike: XDS Nadine City 7-Speed Step-Through 700c Bicycle

Do you see this beauty? This bike is everything that I want! I love the basket in the front and how it is enclosed in metal bars. The back of the bike has a place where I could put my picnic basket and goodies! I love the simple elegant vanilla color with the brown leather accents. Hopefully this Spring or Summer will find me flying on these wheels! Saving my pennies!


Do you enjoy bike riding?

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