9 Shakespeare Things. Because you're a nerd too.

The ides of March put me in a Shakespeare type of mood. I’ve read Julius Cesar and sipped a Shakespeare-blend tea this week and realized that I should really just share my nerd-activity with the rest of you tea sipping bookworms. Below, you will find 9 really cool (but nerdy) Shakespeare pieces that you may want to accept in your life. Go ahead and admit it…you’re a nerd too.


Shakespeare Pillow Case

"Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce"

This pillow case comes in various sizes and embodies spring with its floral design. The quote is from one of Shakespeare’s classics entitled “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I thought this so cute and fresh to put over a pillow in your book nook or perhaps on your bed; a perfect reading inspiration! >>see price & more


Glass Flower Vase

Inspired by "Shakespeare's Garden"

So, if you follow Tea End Blog then you remember the article “Yellow. For the Family Room.” In this article, I mentioned how Joël and I are trying to add more color to our home. This vase definitely has a boost of vivid colors in flowers mentioned in Shakespeare’s work. I love how the vase is sort of traditional but then simultaneously modern with its glass finish and appliqué floral design. >>see price & more


William Shakespeare Engraved Quote Pen

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Don’t let someone borrow this pen! It will for sure be stolen once the wisdom engraved on it is discovered. A classic Shakespeare quote is sketched within the eco-friendly bamboo body of this pen. The cool thing about bamboo is that it naturally varies, so each pen is unique! >>see price & more


Shakespeare Love Mug

To tea or not to tea, that is the question. Well, if that is the question then the answer is to tea, with this mug of course! This tea mug features love quotes from Shakespeare’s work of romantic escapades. The colors make it such a delightfully pretty nerd-mug. >>see price & more


Metropolitan Shakespeare

Breakfast Tea

So…I know you didn’t plan to put coffee in that mug…No worries, we tea sipping bookworms aren’t (openly) judging you. Just steep a few bags of this Shakespeare Breakfast Blend Tea and you can redeem yourself. No seriously, this tea is very much a quality tea and its so fresh! I sipped it with milk and honey and could hardly taste any effect of tannins (what makes black tea bitter sometimes). It’s a great tea and it comes in a cute little wooden tea box that you could repurpose! >>see price & more


Julius Cesar by Shakespeare

Dover Edition

When the ides of March creep into the year, I begin to feel the need to pull out the script of Julius Cesar and reenact it…yes, I’m that much of an nerd that I reenact the entire script and still remain flabbergasted when the conspirators stab Cesar. They actually followed through with it! Any-who, it is wonderful that we live in a world where a script written by such a great playwright can be easily accessible to a tea sipping bookworm like you and I. >>see price & more.


Shakespeare Pillow Case

"I Like This Place and Willingly Could Waste My Time in it"

Just when you thought we were done with the pillows! Well, this pillow case can’t be neglected. This is my exact sentiment of how I feel about my bed! >>see price & more


William Shakespeare Bookmark

You could never have enough bookmarks, especially if they are laced with the great playwright’s portrait! I would not mind at all if Shakespeare held my place for me in my latest read, after all, he could never forget thine words to which thee left off. >>see price & more


William Shakespeare

Comfy & Cozy Reading Socks

These socks just put me in the mood for reading! Featuring quotes from Shakespeare’s work makes them quite the noble socks. If your friends and family didn’t think you were nerdy before they definitely will when you sport these, but at least your feet will be warm and cozy. >>see price & more

I would not be a real tea sipping bookworm if I did not participate every now and then (or more like most likely than not) in some good ole nerd activity. Don’t judge! I’m only trying to make it possible for you to continue to sip happily ever after…

What are some of your nerdy quirks?

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