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Confession #13

Would you like some tea?

Confession #13: Would you like some tea?

When my friends and family ask me this question, I must say, I balk. Just a little. You may be wondering why since I obviously adore tea. Well, let me explain…

When family or friends ask me if I want tea, I say ‘Sure, why not!’ I then proceed to helplessly watch them open a box labeled chocolate peppermint-something, with individual tea bags, and then stare as they take one bag and plump it into water that was boiled to death (Yes, you could essentially boil the essence out of water. Boiling creates Carbonic Acid in the water from the CO2 in the air which has a large effect on the pH…I know, nerd-tea stuff…) and then proceed to ask me if I want sugar, honey or perhaps lemon. I say, “Yes, that would be nice” and proceed to sip a tea, not a tea.

Confession #13: Tea should take you to enchanted places, beautiful places! (summer 2015)

You see, I am an avid tea sipper. This means that I know the difference between tea and tea. You see, tea is something quick and fun, perhaps flavored or sweet. However, tea is Camillia Sinensis. Tea is an experience, a delicate beverage that must be heated to the correct temperature, an emotion and an effect. A time sensitive beverage. Tea cannot be contained in a bag nor restrained to one steep. Tea takes you places, to lands far away. Tea embodies regions, seasons and soils. Once you have experienced tea then everything else...well…is a “sure, why not”.

Confession #13: Harney & Sons blend great teas that come in tea sachets!

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am by no means ungrateful for the episodes that I have had with tea in tea bags. There are a variety and some of them are quite pleasant and satisfactory to sip! However, a true tea sipper knows that there are levels of quality to tea.

Take wine for an example. Arbor Mist; it is fruity and fun, delicious to sip on a hot summer day and if you drink enough of it you will be relaxed and happy enough to laugh about the time you almost got arrested in Vegas…again. However, Arbor Mist is no Dal Forno Valpolicella (quality red wine – Italian). You can appreciate the two for what they are but you realize that the latter is much more preferred. This is how I feel about tea and tea.

Confession #13: You can taste seasons in tea!

Confession #13: Tea must be steeped at a particular temperature and time. Click this image to learn more about steeping right!

Since today is #fessupfriday I felt the need to confess this inner struggle that results from the question in the title. The next time you ask me “Would you like some tea?” please do not think you have to bust out a full tea ceremony kit and turn on Gong music. I will accept the tea with a smile; content that you offered and I will take 2 teaspoons of honey please…


What is your favorite tea that comes in individual tea bags?

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