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Yellow. For the Family Room. Part 2


Retro Grey Chair | Authentic Cowhide (White Leather) | Yellow Daisies

Last week I embarked on a project inspired by the yellow daisies I had placed on the tea table in my family room. The color was so vibrant and spring-y that I decided to redecorate my entire family room in inspiration of the color yellow. I've been busy running around at the fabric stores, finding authentic leather in Dallas, TX (not very hard in cow country) and browsing the internet for the perfect yellow accents. The final reveal of my family room will come soon but take a look for yourself at my progress!

Authentic Cowhide (White Leather, 3 hides)

Joël picked up the leather at a local leather supplier near Downtown Dallas on Friday (March 4, 2016). The leather is 100% authentic, real cowhide! It feels amazing and is absolutely stunning. We hired a laborer for the upholstery work and I can't wait until he begins! In a later article, I intend to reveal to you the supplier we purchased the leather from and who exactly reupholstered the couch, so stay tuned! Speaking of the couch...

Kente Cloth

Yes, I know. The color is quite bright, but this is the reason why I am reupholstering it! I love the shape and the frame. The curves make the couch elegant but the sturdy straight legs gives a Retro vibe that will go with the rest of the décor. This couch actually sat in my former boss's office. He recently retired and left the sofa to be thrown out so I snatched it up! Sure beats buying a brand new sofa. Now, I can customize this sofa the way I want it! Make sure you stay tuned for the final reveal!

Misty Peak Teas Green Pu'erh, Loose-Leaf

I think Starkie would rather have the leather turned into some really flirty and cute spring skirts. I don't know Starkie, perhaps next time around...

Hodgepodge of ideas!

My family room is definitely a hodgepodge of ideas ready to be implemented. I intend to spray paint the picture frames (above) a neutral color and orient them above the fire place. Joël and I don't really like pictures but we truly need to commit to a few in our home. One of our guests made a joke about us possibly renting the place just to show hospitality. I thought it was hysterical but it made me think that we needed a more personal touch to our home.

Jasmine Green Tea | Numi

My Saturday morning tea is almost gone! Well, I will keep sipping tea and planning so that I can share more inspirations with you. Don't forget that the final reveal will be seen first by subscribers so make sure you are signed up to sip happily ever after! Subscribe!


What inspires you to change your décor?

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