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Not My Cup of Tea #1


TEA FAIL: Apple Cider Herbal Tea by Bigelow


It is a sad day in tea history, and no I'm not talking about The Boston Tea Massacre (a.k.a Party); can you imagine all that fine tea wasted! Any-who, I'm talking about Apple Cider Herbal Tea by Bigelow. As it turns out there is such a thing as horrible tea and I unfortunately sipped this very phenomenon in Winter 2014.

It is very rare for me to find a tea that is horrible and so I regret having to add this tea to my Not My Cup Of Tea. list. At the same time, I must warn the rest of you innocent tea sippers! Click play to see my honest review of Apple Cider Herbal Tea by Bigelow.


Not My Cup Of Tea! Apple Cider Herbal Tea | Bigelow

What Makes This Tea Disgusting?

Reason 1: Does not taste anything like Apple Cider

This tea does not taste anything like the description suggests. An apple orchard should not be depicted on the cover, rather, a dust pan or mop!

Reason 2: Odd aftertaste

Not only does the tea not taste like the tea box describes but then there's an odd aftertaste. Not vinegar, not apple...I'm not exactly sure what the aftertaste tastes like, but I do know that it is not pleasant at all!

Reason 3: Nothing helped

Normally, a tea can be enhanced by adding a sweetener, perhaps a dash of honey or even milk depending on what type of tea it is. NOTHING, absolutely nothing helped this tea! I added apple cider itself in a desperate attempt to not have to add this tea to my Not My Cup Of Tea! list.

Reason 4: No Camellia Sinensis

I am normally not biased towards tisanes, but we all know that herbal teas don't necessarily contain actual tea (the Camellia Sinensis plant). So I figure if a tea without Camelia Sinensis actually tastes horrible then it should definitely not be able to claim the tea title.


I hate to even publish this post! Who knew that someone would be so evil as to blend a tea that didn't taste good. Hopefully this article protects your taste buds against these heinous crimes!

Perhaps I am being a little dramatic...ok, may be a lot dramatic. You should try the tea and tell me what you think and then we can settle this once and for all. FREE samples of Apple Cider Herbal Tea by Bigelow to anyone who is willing to take one for the tea-m! I want a FREE sample.*

*while supplies last

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Have you ever tasted disgusting tea? Warn us!

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