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Yellow. For the Family Room.



Spring (officially begins March 20th, but you know, the ground hog didn’t see his shadow) is on the horizon and bright blooming colors are starting to speak to me. The yellow flowers in my living room spoke to me so brightly that my husband (Joël) and I decided to decorate in their inspiration. I intend to reveal the complete before and after of my family room in an article under the Series La Vie En Rose, until then, I thought it would be nice to give you a little avant-goût! Enjoy!

LexMod Engage Fabric Ottoman, Sunny | $262.48+tax

Joël has a very modern and sleek style when it comes to interiors and although I love modern furniture the girly-girl in me also likes soft and welcoming features. We meet somewhere in the middle with Retro. Normally, we both would gravitate towards neutral colors such as beige, grey, black and white for a minimalist effect, however, the older we get and the more we grow the less we are intimidated by color. So, we are embracing it with the most outstanding colors of them all. Yellow.

We purchased the LexMod Engage Fabric Ottoman in Sunny as our base piece for the family room. I just love the color and it gives such life! The design is a compromise between mine and Joël’s style and will be such a grand compliment to all the other pieces we have purchased. I can’t wait to show you the big reveal soon!

Kente Cloth

I like to create themes when I decorate my home so that I can be sure to stay within the design scheme that I originally imagined. The theme for our family room is Douala meets Dallas. My husband is from Douala, Cameroon (central Africa) and I was born and bred (as we say) in Dallas, Texas. I love the colors within African fabrics, such as Kente cloth, so I think I will make some throw pillows out of a fabric that I find. What do you think?


Misty Peak Teas Green Pu'erh, Loose-Leaf

Even my tea this morning is a little on the yellow side. Again, I can’t wait to reveal to you our fully redesigned family room under the Series entitled La Vie En Rose. In this Series, I reveal the beautiful parts of my life as a tea sipping bookworm. This Series is available in French and English. Thanks for sipping happily ever after with me!

Oh and by the way, I will reveal the family room to subscribers first so make sure you are signed up to sip happily ever after! Subscribe!


What colors have inspired your interior decorating?

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