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I Weigh 100 lbs. Again.

Confession of a Tea Sipping Bookworm: I weight 100 lbs. Again.

I haven’t weighed 100 lbs. since my wedding day 5 years ago. High metabolism, constant sipping of the beverage known to suppress hunger (tea that is, which I am not apologizing for), replacing literature for food (ok, this is kind of shameful, but still not apologizing), an “on the go” and busy lifestyle, and stresses of life make it seemingly impossible for me to keep a pair of fitted jeans, well…fitted! This cocktail of craziness has caused me to lose 15-20 lbs. in a very short period of time. I know, I know. This may seem like a dream come true for some women, but for someone with a small frame and not too much weight from the start (that would be me), it is a nightmare! Did I just feel a unanimous eye-roll?

Ok, hear me out. Perhaps you are actually one of the few women who can relate when I say that I really can easily forget to eat and I’d rather have tea and a good book for lunch. This post marks the beginning of my mission to regain and maintain my weight and also reveals the vices that I believe keep me from this goal. Hopefully, by speaking more about my struggle with maintaining weight I will obtain more insight and knowledge from the tea sipping bookworm community and shed light on this real epidemic (a bit dramatic I confess). All posts regarding my new resolution will be tagged #gabiegains.


Vice #1: Tea Sipping

Confessions of a Tea Sipping Bookworm #12: I weigh 100 lbs. Again

I love all tea, but my favorites to sip are white and green. In that order! Well, white and green teas actually work very well at suppressing hunger and soothing cravings. They also help the body in burning fat. Great for someone on a diet, horrible for me. I am not sure how I will counteract this effect considering that I will not stop drinking tea (just typing that made me shudder). I think for now that I will be more conscious of perhaps eating a snack while I sip.

Vice #2: Eating vs. Time

Let's face it, no one has time to cook elaborate meals every day! But I will try to be balanced and eat nutritious meals 3 times a day.

Like seriously, who has time to eat three meals a day! I don’t. Or at least it seems like I don’t. Since I have such a busy life and a high metabolism, I really need to resolve in eating three times a day. Normally, I would eat a really light breakfast (and when I say light breakfast I mean a cup of tea…what?). Now I will try to eat a heartier breakfast and redefine my definition of “lunch”. Note to self: Lunch = food not Lunch = reading a book under a tree.

Vice #3: No Good Food. No Eat.

I’ll admit that sometimes I turn down eating just because I don’t like the food choices available. I’m not a conscious healthy eater but I genuinely enjoy fresh foods more than processed. If I forget (and when I say forget I mean grab a cup of tea instead and say “this’ll hold me”) to pack my lunch, then I just may content myself with a cup of tea (I almost never forget to pack my tea) and a great novel instead of running to the nearest fast food place. I will be more responsible and proactive in making sure that I have healthy choices.

These are just a few vices that I’m sure have kept me from maintaining my weight. I am sure I will discover more as I try to break old habits in favor of my resolution. So why don’t you join me! #gabiegains.

Breakfast: Soup and Naan Bread with Almond Milk. I'm weird like that.

So, to kick off my #gabiegains resolution I made sure to eat a heavier breakfast today and I also drank almond milk.

Almond Milk. And yes, that is my space heater. #addictedtomyspaceheater

Perhaps soon I will see progress in gaining and maintaining my weight...


Ok, now this is going a bit too far...


Do you also have a high metabolism?

How do you maintain weight?

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