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Zen | TaZo

I added this tea to my tea cupboard many days ago and I still reach for it quite often when I want a taste of late spring/early summer. Zen by TaZo is a favorite amongst all tea sippers as this tea review is my most viewed review by far! Click "play" to see my honest review on Zen by TaZo and to learn why it should be your next sip.



THE SIP: Zen by TaZo

Lemongrass kissed by the sun. This is what this tea looks like. Don't believe me? Google it and see if you don't find this exact hue!



THE SCENT: Zen by TaZo

Lemongrass and spearmint make this tea a pleasant blend. The lemongrass is detected in the scent and is complimented very nicely by the subtle freshness of the spearmint.



THE SIP: Zen by TaZo

Each sip of this perfect blend by TaZo will take you deeper and deeper into late spring or early summer. Let spring come early!



Happy, Happy and more Happy! This tea makes me feel joyful and makes my personality bloom like the flowers of spring and the bluebonnets of summer (if you live in Texas).

This is such a "go to" tea; a tea that I can grab at any time and feel as though I've made a good choice. What is more, it comes in tea bags which make taking this tea on the go, very convenient.

You do not have to wait anymore to experience the seasons of spring or summer. Just sip Zen by TaZo today to be taken to a time when everything is green and in full bloom!


Have you sipped this popular tea? What did you think about it?

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