Not Your Average Jo

Interviewing Jo Beverley

(left: Gabie from Tea End Blog | right: Jo Beverley, novelist)

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Jo Beverley; world-renowned romance novelist and one of few members of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) Hall of Fame. I performed a Book Review on one of Jo Beverley's novels and had the privilege of speaking with her via YouTube and then email, resulting in this blogview! Without further a-do, let us speak with Jo Beverley about her most recent publication, what new masterpiece she's brewing and why she's no average Jo...

Gabie: In reading a little about you, I see that you have been writing and story-telling since you were young. However, at what point in your life did you realize that you could write not just to express creativity but also to make a career out of it?

Jo Beverley: Very late. In the 1980s I began to think I could get published, and in 1988 I did. However, it was a few more years before I began to think I could make a living.

Gabie: Better late than never! I love your work! Your last historical romance novel entitled "