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Today I am reviewing a peaceful tea by the name of Serenitea. I picked it up at a tea shop in New York City on 96 Street called Physical GraffiTea, isn't the name adorable! Click play to watch my honest review of a tea that has helped me wind down and get a good night's sleep on many occasions.


The recommended steeping time for Serenitea is 5-15 minutes. I allowed this tea to steep all the way through and enjoyed watching the hue evolve. It starts out as a translucent yellow and turns into a golden yellow. The hue is quite stimulating!


Lavender, rose and chamomile lend a floral scent to the tea while peppermint and spearmint add an airy clean scent. Although lavender and peppermint both can be quite potent, they do not overwhelm the senses in this tea.


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If you don't like or need to add honey to your sips, then this tea is perfect for you. The chamomile and spearmint blend with rose and fennel so majestically that the tea has a natural sweetness. The spearmint tingles on the tongue with a clean and refreshing sensation.


This tea is named Serenitea for a reason! With every sip you will add peace to your life and it will relax you until you drift away into sleep. I usually sip this tea while reading in bed right before bedtime. The taste is great for a daytime tea but the effect will have you regretting sipping it during the day. Sip Serenitea at night and when relaxing and you will have no complaints!

If you would like to purchase this tea, you can either go to the product page on or you can take a trip to the Physical GraffiTea shop itself on 96 St. Marks NY, NY 10009.

Would you like to know how to steep this tea? Serenitea was featured in "Steep Right or Die". In this article, you can view the steeping time and temperature for Serenitea and other tea types.

Do you like bedtime teas that relax you

and prepare you for sleep?

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