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"Little Victories" by Jason Gay

"Little Victories" by Jason Gay is an absolutely hilarious read! This book manages to make fun of self-help books while still remaining a sort of self-help book itself! Jason Gay, columnist for The Wall Street Journal (where I discovered this book) talks about subject matters of life and teaches us all to not take ourselves too seriously while simultaneously taking the right things seriously in a less dramatic way; these accomplishments, Gay likes to call, "little victories".

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"Little Victories" by Jason Gay


Page Count: 209

Author: Jason Gay

Published Date: 2015

Publishing Company: Double Day

Type: Hardcover

"Little Victories" by Jason Gay


I found "Little Victories" by Jason Gay to be an absolutely hilarious read, just what any bookworm needs to get a good laugh. It took me 1.5 months to read this book, not because it wasn't good, but because 1) I am a serial reader and 2) this book made me stop and reflect on a few small, but important matters.

For example, on page 113 under the chapter entitled, "Office Heavens", Gay speaks on our obsession with our workplace and how we, unfortunately, self-identify with out work places. Our identity isn't formulated by our family, our real accomplishments, our endeavors, but rather by what we do at work and our life begins to revolve around the workplace. When we get fired, does it really matter though? Does our world really stop and does anyone really care, including ourselves? Gay explores the idea that we are so much more than our workplaces and what we do for a living.

"Little Victories" by Jason Gay
"Little Victories" by Jason Gay


I loved when Jason Gay wrote about travel. Don't you feel as though people are becoming obsessed with it, as if it gives someone status or as if it has some other meaning? I agree with Jason when he says "At its best, travel is going somewhere else to find home." ("Little Victories" pg. 98 ¶ 3; 10).

When my husband and I travel, instead of us trying to find landmarks so that we can get a great Instagram photo-op, we try to find familiar places or even people (family and friends). In this way, our travel feels like home and less like tourism and it is much more fulfilling, relaxing, and joyful.

"Little Victories" by Jason Gay
"Little Victories" by Jason Gay
"Little Victories" by Jason Gay

"Little Victories" by Jason Gay is hilarious, reflective, and refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it for any tea sipping bookworm trying not to take themselves too seriously, while at the same time, focusing on what is truly important. If you decide to read "Little Victories" by Jason Gay then make sure to leave your opinion of it in the comments below!

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When you travel, do you have a particular goal in mind?

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