Gift of Gab

Interviewing Gabie from Tea End Blog

Interviewing Gabie: "I'm serious and silly when I want to be." - Gabie

The New Year brings new resolutions! Gabie is resolved to give subscribers more of her by being more exposed and transparent. This interview is one way Gabie is celebrating the new Tea End Blog and the more accessible, Gabie. Listen to Gabie answer some of your questions about the future of Tea End Blog and her new year's resolutions.

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I am a tea sipping bookworm. An introvert that loves people. I can be serious and silly in the same hour.

Gift of Gab | Interviewing Gabie from Tea End Blog


"...I want to be more a good way."

- Gabie


Gabie is so excited to share Tea End Blog with everyone! 2016 will be a special year for tea, literature and all tea sipping bookworms!

Gabie looks optimistically towards the future. Join her in the exciting evolution of Tea End Blog!

You will definitely be seeing more of Gabie and beautiful content on tea and literature. Be sure to subscribe so that you do not miss out on sipping happily ever after!