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Harper Lee's Scout Returns

THE PAPER: The Wall Street Journal | D4

The Wallstreet Journal announces Harper Lee's new sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird

After over 50 years since To Kill A Mockingbird was released, Harper Lee has decided to release her best kept secret entitled Go Set A Watchman! This is big and exciting news and it is no wonder that The Wallstreet Journal is covering this release.

Of course, I sipped my tea and soaked up the articles. The Journal did a fabulous job covering the details surround the new novel and the unique experiences of Lee's life. Allow me to share the article with you...after I preorder my very own copy of Go Set A Watchman...

Long Live Paper: Scout Is Grown. According to Harper Lee.

The front page of the Journal for July 10, 2015 is sure to catch any bookworm's eye. At the very top there is a banner that reads 'EXCLUSIVE' in red and Harper Lee's name to the left with 'Read the First Chapter of Harper Lee's New Novel...'

There is much more propaganda but they had me at 'NEW'. After all, I've read To Kill A Mockingbird and although I, like most consider it a classic story, I have other books on my reading list; but no, the Journal is covering a brand new novel entitled Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee and all I had to do was turn to ARENA | D1 to read the first course that's exactly what I did!

Harper Lee peering into the window of her old house.

ARENA | D1 features a large black and white image of Lee peering into the window of the house in which she grew up dating back to 1961 in Monroeville, Alabama. "Scout Comes Home" is the headline foreshadowing the storyline of Go Set A Watchman.

The article, written by Jennifer Maloney, ventures to even describe the secretive rollout and high-profile execution of releasing the novel without suspicion. An Amazon spokeswoman is quoted saying "Go Set A Watchman is the most pre-ordered print book on since the 2007 release of J.K Rowlings Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

After a little teasing, the Journal finally reveals the first chapter of the book and I soak it up like a sponge. The read is quite nostalgic and takes me back to a different time in life. The first chapter is not disappointing and leaves a deep thirst for the entire content of the book. I am eager to see more of Scout as an adult, as I am relating to her quite evenly since I too was a child when Scout took in the world around her in To Kill A Mockingbird.



I definitely plan on posting a Book Review of Go Set A Watchman and give my honest take on what I read.


Did you preorder Go Set A Watchman?

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