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5 Fun Facts About Tea

Steep Right or Die | Steep Times & Temps

Tea is very simple but yet intricate. I like to call it liquid contradiction at times! There are so many fun facts about tea but of course we don’t have the time to discuss them all here and now so take a look at five facts that I find fascinating…try saying that 3 times!


Fun Fact #1: 2nd most consumed beverage in the world

Silver Needle Tea | The Spice & Tea Exchange

Next to water, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. That is pretty amazing when you think of how many coffee lovers there are. I guess those coffee drinkers are closet tea sippers! We tea sipping book worms don't (openly) judge...

Fun Fact #2: Timing is everything

Organic Sencha, Green Tea | My Chai Premium Teas

A lot of people miss out on the wonderful flavor of tea just by over or under steeping their tea. Black tea is the most over-steeped tea which will render the tea bitter. You don’t have to add tons of sugar and milk to your tea if you just steeped it right! Want to know how? Check out the article entitled “Steep Right or Die | Steep Times & Temps”.

Fun Fact #3: Announcing Iced Tea - Circa 1904!

Oolong | Summit Tea Company

Iced tea was actually not introduced until first served in America at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. I am surprised it took so long to introduce iced tea, however, I am not shocked that it would have its debut in the South where summers are long and hot enough!

Fun Fact #4: The perfect tea with your meal

Tea Knowledge: 5 Fun Facts About Tea

Just like wine, tea can also be paired with food. The nuances and different notes (or tastes) in tea make for a perfect complement beverage. This summer, I am working with a food blogger to pair meals with tea. Make sure you subscribe to keep up with the release of this project!

Fun Fact #5: No caffeine crash

Tea Knowledge: 5 Fun Facts About Tea

You are less likely to get a caffeine crash when sipping tea. Matter of a fact, I have never gotten a caffeine crash when sipping tea. I have been tea drunk, which is another (wonderful) story. However, in the mornings, tea is a great alternative to the more aggressive cup of joe.


As I mentioned, there are plenty of cool things to say about tea. I could really go on and on because I love it so much! I think we will stop here and perhaps pick up where we left off another time...

If you're really interested in facts about tea, perhaps "Boston Tea Party - The Facts" will interest you. It is a short read based upon what really happened during the protest by The Sons of Liberty and how gallons of tea ended up in the Boston Harbor.


What fun facts do you know about tea?

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