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Let’s take a trip to the south of Africa and drink from the rooibos (red bush) why don’t we! The tea that I am reviewing today is minty, clean and flavorful. A tea that taste delicious warm but especially chilled! You will enjoy what this red concoction has to offer if you have a caffeine free diet. Press 'play' to see my honest review of Cape Town Rooibos by The Tao of Tea!


Go ahead, google-it! "Sunset-In-The-Brush" and you will find this exact color! A deep red-Sahara hue that really titillates the senses. Such a pleasant shade to look into with every sip!


Cape Town Rooibos has a very soft aroma despite the strong and vibrant hue. Mint and floral (red roses and chamomile) notes swirl in the nostrils. You can even smell a clean citrus scent no doubt lent by the orange peel and lemon verbena!


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The sip is even milder than the scent! Can you imagine? The rooibos essence filled my palette upon first sip. However, as soon as I swallowed the tea, a coupling of spearmint and citrus notes with chamomile took place. The sip is nice and gentle.


If this is what South Africa has to offer to refresh myself then I am all for visiting! This tea makes me want to be adventurous and try new things. Cape Town Rooibos by The Tao of Tea inspires me to go outdoors and experience nature in all of her glory!

Cape Town Rooibos by The Tao of Tea was actually one of the very first teas that I reviewed here on Tea End Blog. I hope you enjoyed this update of the former article!

In a collaboration entitled HIGH{tea}FASHION, Cape Town Rooibos by The Tao of Tea serves as an inspiration to fashion blogger Jerica (Daily Dose by J.). Watch as she, and 4 other fashion bloggers turn 4 different teas into spring outfits!

Do you like to sip rooibos

warm or cold?

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