Afternoon of the Elves by Janet Taylor Lisle

This book is one of my favorite books from my childhood and this article is very special to me because it was the first article that I posted on Tea End Blog in December 2014. I have decided to update this article so that it can be cohesive with the new Tea End Blog website.

Not only did I have the privilege of reading this book as a kid and then again as an adult, I have also recently had the immense honor of interviewing the award winning author of "Afternoon of the Elves" (Post: "Read It and Just Wait a-Lisle"). In this article, you will discover my honest review of the story and why it should be your next read.

A Titillating Blogview

"Read It and Just Wait a-Lisle" is a blogview (blog interview) with Janet Taylor Lisle, the award winning author herself! In this interview she discusses her work, particularly the Newbery Award Winning book "Afternoon of the Elves", her writing style and experience and even provides advice to aspiring writers of children's books.

Sara-Kate's and Hilary's friendship will leave you in a world caught between fiction and a harsh reality. This book was written with children in mind, but as an adult do not allow that to dissuade you from reading this captivating story.

As a 7 or 9 year old, I read "Afternoon of the Elves" by Janet Taylor Lisle and became lost in the narrative about the elves, but somehow I knew that there was another story hidden between the lines. I "lost" the book and ended up finding a while later after my parents had already paid for it since it belonged to my elementary school library. It wasn't until about 19 or so that I read the book again and immediately understood the other narrative. This is why you must read the book!

"Afternoon of the Elves" by Janet Taylor Lisle is a wondrous read! If you need a vacation back to your child-hood imagination then turn the pages of this double-narrative tale.

Don't forget to check out "Read It and Just Wait a-Lisle", the blogview with Janet Taylor Lisle. In this interview, she explains her motive behind Sara-Kate's story and why she is not surprised that I "stole" the book and read it a-while later...

Have you ever read a book as a child and then again as an adult and had a totally different perspective of the narrative? Tell us about it!

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