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DIY: Tea Tin Bouquet

The Flowers of Good...

One thing that I wanted on the new website was flowers, beautiful flowers that captivated your attention and made you think of the beautiful things in your life.

Needed Materials:

Step 1: Prepare the vase

Clean the vase and then place the marbles in for stability. If the vase is clear, clear it and instead of putting marbles in it, put cut off stems of the flowers. Add water to the vase for a more natural look.

Step 2: Attach the wet foam piece

Wet the foam and suspend it above the vase using the bamboo skewers. Make sure that the foam is stable and that the bamboo skewers are not visible in the clear vase.

Step 3: Attach the faux greenery

The Flowers of Good...

Faux greenery can be a great filler. Use the greening pins to attach it to the bottom of the foam near the top of the vase.

Step 4: Adorn the foam with flowers

The Flowers of Good...

Cut the flowers to the right size and adorn the foam with them. Start with a pattern to make sure the bouquet has a finished look that is balanced.

Step 5: Search for empty spots

The Flowers of Good...

Use the smaller flowers to fill in the empty spaces to make the bouquet more full.

FINALE: Enjoy your flowers

The Flowers of Good...

Present you flowers to others! Maybe this DIY will be helpful to you during your tea parties!

The Flowers of Good...

Flowers used: pink and purple roses; seasonal mini pink carnations; white statice; purple pom daisy

You can use any flowers that you want, only good flowers though! Beautiful flowers to make your life that much more beautiful!

La Vie En Rose - because life is beautiful!

The Flowers of Good...

These bouquets made the photoshoot and the website beautiful!

They can make your life beautiful also!

Buy all of the materials that you need

to create these beautiful bouquets.


Where in your home do you like to put fresh flowers?

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